Tile Two

Tile two has the dubious honor (it might be a regular honor, it can be tough to tell) of being the image that I planned furthest in advance. The reason why goes back to the older sibling match-up issue. The recipient of tile two has three older siblings. I had two of them during the same year, the first year that I made a class gift. It felt natural that their tiles should be next to one another. Likewise, I thought it might be fun if there were some common element. Squirrels, then. Donít over-think this. It will drive you mad.

Two years later, the third sibling rolled around, and by then, I was going to match up two other siblings as well. This was the big year that it all started to come together. It only made sense that I should continue with the squirrel theme. At that moment, though, I knew Iíd have to make a final squirrel. A super squirrel. A squirrel to end all squirrels. At that moment, Squirrelzilla was born. it wouldnít be in, on, or under the tree. It would be eating the tree!

The recipient of Squirrelzilla seemed kinda bummed that this tile didnít have more to do with the larger theme of the piece. Tough taco, kid. I donít expect another 2x2 Sibling Match-up in the near future. Take that one to the bank.


I think I'm supposed to put some copyright information here at the bottom:
Copyright Daniel Miller, 2011