Tile Three

This is a strange one, no doubt about it. But I like my strange tiles. With this particular piece, I enjoy the far-off-ness of figures and scenery. The fluffy lawn, the trees in the background. The comparativly small figures. I like the sense of depth, even if it isn't particularly well-rendered depth. It is tough tile to explain, though. Really, there are four things going on all at the same time.

1) An Iroquios story describes how Sky Woman fell through a hole in the sky world and came down to earth. This tile depicts the sky world. I've included my late sketch of this scene. It didn't change much between drafts, but I really like the shape of this drawing.

2) During my research, I was seeing depictions of the sun in different places. I settled on this fun kachina face for this tile (do you know kachina? seriously, look them up). This bizarre, smiling figure is, therefore, the sun, living in the sky world. In Anpao, the story centers around the protagonist's search for the Sun (note the capital 's').

3) In our current events curriculum this year, a reoccuring idea was the final NASA space launch. Here we see an astronaught who has arrived in the sky world, shaking hands with the Sun. Is this astronaught Anpao? I don't know if it matters.

4) In the Navajo world/hollow reed story (the meta-theme, you remember), there were four worlds. The story ended, though, with a warning that there might need to be a fifth. I am depicting the fifth world, here, as the sky world.


I think I'm supposed to put some copyright information here at the bottom:
Copyright Daniel Miller, 2011