Tile Four

While I look at the subject matter of this tile as very interesting-- angry Zeus threatens to blast impertinent Icarus-- its development was fairly straight forward. Tile four is a facilitator tile.

1) This tileís recipient has a younger sibling, so I wanted the tile to place very few limitations on my future work. Just imagine what could be happening off to Zeusís right (our left). I will, more than likely, attach the future tile along that edge. When I am composing an image, I invariably think from right to left.

2) Tile seven deals with a story from Anpao in which a character is threatened by lightning. Tile two, therefore, helps to tell that story by providing a source for the lightning.

3) Tile eight also features lightning. This time, it is Benjamin Franklin holding his kite. This moment in history, where Franklin proved that lightning is a natural phenomena and not the act of the supernatural, is thrown on its head when you consider that Zeus threw the lightning that struck the key.

On a final note, if you examine the second plan diagram discussed on the blank tile, you'll see that tile four has an odd loopy shape instead of stately Zeus. I was originally thinking that I would draw a thunderbird in this space instead. But they never came up during our studies, and I scrapped the idea. There were too many birds at that point, anyhow.


I think I'm supposed to put some copyright information here at the bottom:
Copyright Daniel Miller, 2011