Tile Six

Tile six features elements from our Westward Expansion unit. A group of settlers (not pictured) have finally arrived at their sunny, verdant destination. In the background, we see their Conestoga wagon in the process of being unloaded. We see their milky white cow happily chewing her cud. To complete the tranquil scene, we have a pig and some bees buzzing in the tree.

That’s nice, but this is a sibling tile.

The bees are a reference to the court of the queen bee we see above. The pig is a Mome Rath from the '10 piece. While this family image looks pretty slick, I’m fairly certain the real-life version doesn’t work nearly so well. That requires some explanation... Note that tile two is also a sibling tile. I taught both of their older siblings back in‘07. Their older siblings had adjacent tiles, so it seemed like the easiest thing in the world to give them adjacent tiles as well. Right? I grabbed a copy of tile two’s sibling’s tile and used that as reference for this one. Great in theory, crummy in practice. The frames from ‘07 were slightly smaller than 4”x6”, and I had to trim off 1/8" (approximately) all around to make them fit. I have no idea where that fraction came from. If I took it from the top of the tile, these might line up fine. There really is no way to tell.


I think I'm supposed to put some copyright information here at the bottom:
Copyright Daniel Miller, 2011