Tile Eight

Tile eight is a nice little piece. Benjamin Franklin flies his kite in a lightning storm while an over-sized moon looms over a distinctly non-1700s landscape. The context of tile four (above) implies that Zeus is tossing the bolts, and the context of tile seven (left) implies that the key isn’t even the target. I wanted to reference our American Revolution unit more during this project, but this tile is the only concept that survived the brainstorming phase. This also references the Franklin Brain Box, one of my favorite elements of the year (we had a box full of Franklin quotes, and we’d reach into a hole in his head (his brain) to pull them out).

More importantly, though, this is a sibling tile. It is also the first tile that I retrieved to photocopy and reference more accurately. I have scans of these tiles, but the paper and frames never jive as closely as I want them too. The end result is that the scans on my computer merely resemble the gifts that I send home. So I sent the recipient a letter through his younger sister. She didn’t know what I was up to, and I had to play this one pretty close to the vest to avoid tipping her off. It worked like a charm.

Given the context of the sibling tile, I like to think that Benjamin Franklin is the Wizard of Oz. I still feel pretty slick about how I changed the Death Star into a moon. Yeah, the moon is way too large, and it has no place in a lightning storm. But this is art. Art doesn’t always make sense.


I think I'm supposed to put some copyright information here at the bottom:
Copyright Daniel Miller, 2011