Tile Twenty

There is a lot going on here. In the foreground, you see a fortune teller and his robot friend. The recipient of this tile had written a series of adventure stories featuring the Seer and Robot. They were wonky fun, so I jumped at the chance to depict them on this tile. Note: this is how I picture these characters. In on way is this meant to establish official character design! In the background, we see the enormous thunder birds from Anpao. They are odd stuff. They can only hurt the children of the Sun (ie, Anpao). Also, they are invisible to the naked eye. All that people can see are these tiny yellow birds that hover around the tips of their beaks. And fog. Wild.

Or, at least, that is what the background looks like... but, in all actuality, this is a sibling tile!

When put together, the story completely changes. This family piece depicts the sixth labor of Herakles: killing the Stymphalian Birds. In brief, these horrible birds were terrorizing the countryside, and, as an impossible task, Eurystheus charges the hero with killing them. In addition to being large and deadly, the birds apparently also have toxic poo, and they had transformed their swamp into an inaccessible mess. But, with some help from Athena, he is able to startle the birds and kill them in mid-flight with his bow. I had known that I wanted to depict one of Heraklesís labors, and I was overjoyed to discover this easy overlap between themes. The tiles connect acceptably, not great. I blame the tyrant (see tile 16).


I think I'm supposed to put some copyright information here at the bottom:
Copyright Daniel Miller, 2011