Print: 2010/2011 Class Gift: Five Worlds

FOR NOW: I'm slow-rolling this release. Check back regularly (or much later) to see tiles as I post them. For now, click on a non-greyed image to see a larger image and read explanatory text.

This yearís Class Gift draws heavily from Greek and American Indian mythology, mostly through the lens of the novel Anpao. Youíll also see some Westward Expansion, American Revolution, Roman Empire, and unexplained oddness. It has the dubious honor of having more sibling match-up tiles than any other past piece, requiring hours of research, nagging, and sleuth-ery. Iím very happy with the end product, and I have been considering a colorization. The last piece I colorized required two years to finish, so donít hold your breath.

As always, the standard disclaimer applies: Do not attempt to print this out and attach it to your personal tile. If you do, you will be disappointed. Especially if the tile you have is along the edge as some pushing and pulling in photoshop was required to make this all fit.

I think I'm supposed to put some copyright information here at the bottom:
Copyright Daniel Miller, 2011