06/24/2008:Sorry, EvilMustacheGames.com, you are no longer top dog. I've purchased DonutSystem.com to be my gateway site. I'll hold on to you, EvilMustacheGames.com for the time being. For the people who still visit it at times. But eventually, it won't be worth the ~20$ a year I pay for it.

08/13/2007:Am I insane? More than likely. It's been a wonderful summer full of games and plays. All of this invention, though, has rather lodged my brain back into game design mode. It is really too bad, as I am officially out of time to actually MAKE them. I've started a LONG term project, called Fiefdoms of Lordessia. I have no intention of finishing it within a year, but I can fill it out as I have the time. A major aspect of the site is the progress bar, which I'm filling as a low-tech jpg file. Anyhow, check it out. Come by later and there might be more. Now, to design a fun and instructive humanities curriculum. I've missed that, too.

07/17/2007:This is just a quick update to put more content into the doodles section. See, I've noticed that the "Burning Stuff" link hasn't expanded in about seven years. So, I've dropped it in favor of my other love, vectors. Most computer based graphic programs are pixel based. If you look really closely at your monitor you can SEE them. But some programs use Vectors (Flash, for example). Think of it as coordinate plane information that includes line direction, curvature, and width. If you zoom in on a pixel image it gets all blurry and bumpy. A Vector, on the other hand, keeps on zooming and zooming, staying smooth and awesome the whole time. For this section, I use Adobe Illustrator, move into Photoshop where I save it as a jpeg (a pixel image, sigh). The end result is that you wouldn't know these were vector based images if I hadn't just told you as much. Anyhow, here's a link.