Project Progress

01/15/11 - Lurching Forward Doesn't Make You a Zombie

I've made an update to the Board link above that I'm really happy about. As noted in the update, I see no reason why this can't enter more regular development. By the way, I now OWN Smallworld (see below). It's fantastic. I highly recommend it people who enjoy tabletop games.

03/18/09 - Deep Philosophical Dilemma

I haven't touched Fiefdoms for a while. This is a shame as I've put quite a lot of work into it already. The problem, I believe, is that I'm experiencing a deep philosophical dilemma: I'm just not sure how I feel about war games. They require hours to set up, take weeks to play, and you can usually tell who will eventually come out on top within minutes of starting. But Fiefdoms needs to be a war game. Furthermore, it needs to play quick, set up quicker, and allow some back and forth excitement. Oh, and it should allow a degree of customization. It would help if it didn't look hideous, as well.

With this in mind, I've stumbled upon Smallworld. As of this posting, the game is not yet on the market. But all of my initial research seems to indicate that it is everything Fiefdoms of Lordessia has been meant to be. Aside from the heavy resource management. But that's a good thing, see? Check out their website here, and see if this will scratch the Fiefdoms itch for you. Me? I'll keep thinking about how to turn my game into something I would want to play.

Project Launched

Over the summer of 2006, I ran a game with a group of campers called Fief and Lord. It was a simulation designed to put students into a feudal frame of mind. I wanted them to think like lords who actively enlarged their power, influence, and wealth through war and alliances. The results were a mixed bag, but the campers have been harrying me ever since to put the game on the web page.

My response has always been, "It wouldn't work. You can't take a game designed for no fewer than 12 kids and expect individuals to download it and play it with TWO. Maybe three."

The game is simply not designed for small group play.

Fiefdoms of Lordessia is a game I've been tossing around in the back of my head for some time now. It would be exactly the game that you could download and play with a small group. It would feature the same resource growing and power mongering that made Fief and Lord so much fun. Also, it would repair the flawed and dull combat model that I was using.

Above, there are six links. Each is a critical stage of development for this game. It will be a long slow road, as I don't have any deadline attached. I'll pick away at it as I find the time/motivation. As a given element is being completed, I'll fill the red patch in behind it with lovely beautiful green.

So check back every now and then. It will slowly reach completion, and you can watch.