11/12/007 - I told you this would be slow! Today I have a few pics to post. These are all from the Units section above (it can be hard to see the green progress bar under Units as it is so dark on the left... but it's moving). These are larger version of what you can see there, so you can get a feel for the details. Enjoy.

9/09/007 - ...and here is the final vector version. You'll rarely see it like this (ie, naked) as it will be wearing gear and holding a weapon an all of the unit cards. And on the resource card, you can expect this to be a LOT smaller.

8/26/007 - For the "Slower Stronger" species I've decided to do something REALLY slow... but REALLY strong. I call them, GranKnights. Forgive my pun. The vectors for this bad boy won't be ready for a while, though...