The purpose of a highly specialized resource system is to provide, in short, tactical variety. It gives the player more to think about as they shape their grand scheme. Do you have the resources you need to defeat Player X? What would give you those resources? Can you make an alliance with Player Y? Do you need to fight Player Z first? What tactical advantage does Resource A give you over opponents who don't have access to it?

Trolls- The Trolls are anagolous to "humans" who are typically depicted in fantasy as being the "average" species. They are very common, and allow the greatest tactical diveresity of the game's species.

GranKnights- Granknights are enourmous and strong. What they lack in tactical skill they make up for in brute force. Small things, like Boarats, do not function for them. Likewise, basic Granknight units require additional resources to construct. This is a small drawbacks to balance their enourmous martial excellence.

Mouse- Mouse are tiny, viscious, clever bipeds. Unlike their namesake, they do scurry about on all fours. They build cities and tend to be very crafty with constructed things. They excel in special positions and support.

Zoombat- An enourmous horned rodent, the Zoombat is the mount of choice for heavy armed cavalry. Able to hold even the enourmous GranKnights upon their broad shoulders, Zoombats are the cornerstone of an advanced attack force. They are fairly expensive to produce and utilize, though.

Boarat- Trolls breed Boarats for food and for pulling their war chariots. The enteprising Mouse have been known to actually ride these smallish steeds into battle with devistating effectiveness.

FOOD- Food is, at its heart, a limiting resource. It tells you to slow down, consider the consiquences of you actions. Can you support the populations that your ruthless expansion is bringing in? It also provides a good exchange resource, as overproduction can easily be sunk into an ally. It is not certain that my current model for the game allows for food... this might yet be cut.

COIN- Coin is a generic resource that is universally useful. If you can't use Resource A, you can at least transfer it into currency, which you can exchange for other items or services. It needs to have a play function as well, though. I like the idea of paying soldiers to fight. I like how well it fits with the board's theme.

IRON- Iron is used to construct units who use common weapons and armor.

LUMBER- Lumber (a temporary filler resource) is used to construct support units (archers and whatnot).