Station Invaders is an exciting game where the human inhabitants of a distant space station struggle to survive an alien invasion. These are just ordinary men and women doing ordinary jobs, so they don't have the crack fighting skills that are so valuable in situations like this. They are chefs, aerobics instructors, and asteroid miners. They adapt the tools of their trade to battle the merciless Gloop.

Each player has a board with a Human side and a Gloop side. You can decide, before you begin, which side you will control during each tactical battle. As you play, you earn upgrade tabs that make your weapons, items, bonuses, and aliens more potent and powerful. You can earn additional jobs for your player card that include new and exotic alien species to command. And, once you are powerful enough, you can challenge the Grawplor or the Giant Robot with a group of your friends.

If you are new to Station Invaders, you should print out the files you will need and read through the online instruction manual.

Required Files
Player Board - Be sure not to shrink or resize the image when you print your board pdf.
Player Sheet and Pieces - For additional piece art, go to the New Character link above.
Optional station board

Making a New Character
Setting Up the Space Station
All these Icons
Moving and Attacking
Flipping Cards
Evolving your Glooplings
New Job
Upgrading your Character

I was browsing through the site and found several broken links. Why didn't you tell me!?! Sheesh.

The Giant Fighting Robot is online. I hope it works, as I won't be bothering to look at this page again for a while. It's been fun.

The Instruction Manual is complete. It isn't perfect, and is more than likely riddled with spelling mistakes and typos. Furthermore, it may be very difficult to read. Let me know and I'll fix. Also, I have finally updated the Extras section above to include Uber Grawplor and his Cave. Expect more.

I got some good work done on the Instruction Manual. Here is a link to the manual overview page , though only the All These Icons and Moving and Attacking links work at this time.
Friday Morning Upate! Assembly Instructions are thrown online! Don't write to me about spelling mistakes, as I didn't even take the time to proof it.