To print out your character's new job, select a Head, Body, or Leg link below. There, pick the job, and you will be taken to a description of it. In the lower left (under the alien picture) there is a Print Out button. This should open an Adobe Acrobat file. Adobe Acrobat is free, and I suggest you get the latest version from If it does not open in your browser window, right click it and "Save Target As," or "Save Link As," depending on your browser.

Head Jobs- Strong job choices for characters who already have at least one other job. Humans have strong Bonus Cards, while Head Aliens are Queens, ultra-powerful aliens that boost all friendly aliens after they have evolved.

Body Jobs- Excellent first job choices, as each has a stong weapon that will serve your Human Side well. Body Aliens tend to be tougher and slower, though.

Leg Jobs- It is critical to choose a leg job early, as it will allow you to modify your character's speed. Leg Aliens tend to be quick and numerous, making Leg Jobs good first choices if you intend to play the Alien side of your board regularly.