Evolving Your Glooplings

When you set up the board, you learned about placing 2-4 Gloopling on the Gloop side of your board. After you have earned your first job, though, you have more interesting a complicated aliens to use. To play them, you must first evolve your Glooplings.

When a human touches a node, s/he flips a numbered card. The human must go in order from 1 to 4. The Gloop process is very similar, but different in a key way. The Gloopling doesn't need to go in order. When a Gloopling touches a node, note it's number. The Four Node does nothing. The three node removes your Gloopling from the board and replaces it with fresh Leg Job Alien/s. Two Nodes allow your Gloopling to evolve into a Body Job Alien. Finally, the One Node allows one or more Glooplings to merge into a super Queen Head Job Alien.

Some Notes on Evolving:

1 - A wounded Gloopling (one who has broken hearts) becomes a fully healed Alien after it evolves.

2 - When a Gloopling evolves, the Alien it becomes may not move or attack until your next turn. It may be attacked by clever humans, though.

3 - Some Glooplings turn into two aliens when they evolve. Note the Phunting Fluggs and Gloop-wings.

4 - The Grabadilly D'euf has a special ability that allows all friendly Gloop players to evolve an alien anywhere they want. This means you could take two Glooplings to a Four Node and turn them into a Gloop Mutant (normally you need to take them to a One Node).

5 - Most Queen Aliens require two Glooplings to be played. Both Glooplings must either A) be touching the Node, or B) form a line to the Node. Example: If your first Gloopling makes it to the One Node (sneaking past angry humans), your second Gloopling has to either reach the node, or touch the first.

That's all there is to it! Get out there and stomp around with some advanced Aliens!