Flipping Your Cards
special human note

Remember setting up the board? The Human player chose four cards (numbered 1-4) and placed them face down on the table. In order to use these powerful tools to battle aliens, you need to access Nodes located throughout the station. As a human, you must "touch" these Nodes in order. Starting with the One Node located in your starting room, you will count up to your most powerful Four Node card. Note, you will not always flip your Four Node card during a game.

In the example below, a human player has moved their piece so that it is touching a One Node. Flying Piece Note: you must be able to STOP moving in order to touch a node.

As you can see by the highlighted green circles, this node flips the corrosponding card.

In the example above, Emu flipped his Rescue Flares. This is an Item that you may throw at an alien to break its heart from as many as three spaces away. In addition to a being a useful one-use item, the Rescue Flares also include a Battery Flip Bonus (you did go to All These Icons, right?). Rescue Flares allows you to move your battery-counting paperclip to the right. While Rescue Flares may not be the best item in the game, you can use it flip more powerful cards later in the game.

Sometimes, when you flip a card, you might need to pay batteries. In this scenario, you would move the battery-counting paperclip to the left. If you do not have enough batteries you must put the card back face-down on the table. You may not flip it until you can afford to do so.

In addition to giving and costing you batteries, some cards give a Flip Bonus. This means that the card gives you some good effect the moment that you flip it over, and never again. In the example above, Emergency Aid allows you to mend three human hearts anywhere on the board. Used at the right moment, this could destroy an alien team's entire strategy. Used at the wrong time it could do... nothing. So before you flip this card, make sure it will help you to do so.