Making a New Character

This Content is temporary. I made a bunch of images, and I wanted to post them for people who are clever enough to follow along.

Materials You Will Need:
1- You will need to print out a character sheet and a DVD insert map, both found at the New Character link that you can follow from the main page.
2- A pair of scissors.
3- Glue (I like glue sticks as they dry quickly).
4- One empty DVD case with a plastic sleeve along the exterior.
5- As few as 2, as many as 6 small paper clips.
6- Markers or colored pencils (I frown on crayons for this, as their waxy nature makes them inideal for future glueing.

Starting with your Character sheet (as shown above), cut out all of the distinct pieces. Now, the shapes are typically seperated by white space, but sometimes objects are only seperated by dotted lines. In the case of the Cards (upper right) they are only seperated by a black line. To help you have an idea of what to cut, I've prepared a before and after scene above.

Now would be a good time to add some color. You can do something simple (note purple outline with dots), something more complicated (green outline with colored pencil highlights)or you could even just leave it blank. While you are doing this, write your name in the little boxes at the top of each piece (I wrote EMu, my EvilMustache abreviation).

This is where things get tough. Now it is time to fold your game pieces. I like to start by folding the piece in half vertically (see above). Then, I unfold it, and fold along the base. It will eventually stick out as a foot and hold the piece up, but I prefer to fold it back, as I can see the line I'm folding along. You can fold it back on itself easily once you've made the crease.

Once the piece is folded, carefully snip the short dotted line at the base. You should have a piece that looks like my Gloopling above. Then, glue the two long verticle halves together. If you are using a glue stick, be careful not to get any glue on the base. That stuff remains tacky if not adheared to paper. You don't want to have your piece sticking to the table FOREVER, do you? Congrats, you have assembled a piece. Do it again four times (sorry).

This part is easy. Fold the top of your Character Card as shown above. Then, glue it back onto the other side. In the end, you should have a Human side and a Gloopling side.

Quickly (you're almost done!) put two of your paper clips onto the Human side of your Character Card as shown (on the three battery and the three heart). Then, quickly write your name on the back of your Cards. I used a marker, though I wouldn't suggest anything that will blead through.

Things are about to get tough again... Take your printed DVD Insert Map. If you had trouble getting it to print fully, try telling your printer to use Legal Paper (8.5x14), but feeding Letter (8.5x11). That's what I Have to do.

Cut around the DVD Insert Map. I can be pretty picky about good cutting, but it REALLY matters with this step. If you do not get a clean cut, the insert may not fit into the DVD case sleeve (see image above).

Put the insert under the DVD case's plastic sleeve. There is a trick to doing it, and I'm showing how above... but I won't even attempt to put it into words. Good luck.

When you close the DVD case, it should fold the insert perfectly. Wonderful! Now you toss everything in the DVD case and you're ready to play.