Getting that New Job

When you first start a Station Invaders character, you have two item cards and the Gloopling as your only alien. This gets old pretty fast. If you are playing the game fairly, and don't simply cheat your way to a powerful character, there are certain stages you should go through to EARN your new jobs. I will list them below:

First Job - To get your First Job, you must survive an alien invasion playing a human board. It should be as close to fair fight as you can get it (32 Human player vs. 3 Alien players isn't fair). But if two more advanced players are facing off, you can join in as a third player without upsetting the balance too much.

Second Job - To earn your Second Job, I have designed a little "Second Job Scavenger Hunt," these are a series of tasks for you to perform in order to get an upgrade. Do four of them, and you should feel free to print out a second job. Second Job Quest

Third Job - Your final upgrade is earned, simply, when you win a special event (see Extras section back on the main page). These should always be played with 4 or more players, and should always be a sort of contest between friends.

Once you have earned your new job, you must swing by the webpage again to print it out (players who plan ahead might print out the three jobs they eventually want, and save them for assembly). Once you have it on paper, cut it out in much the same way that you would a NEW character sheet. Your new character comes with the following:

1) A large tab to cover either the Leg, Body, or Head section of your Character Card.
2) A long tab to be placed on the Alien side of your Character Card.
3) Four new character cards, numbered 1-4.
4) One free Wild Tab (which you may cut out and glue where you choose).
5) Any new game pieces that come with your job (alien pieces and droid pieces, perhaps).
6) A super large Room that can be used to make a larger, more interesting, playing board.

Upgrading your Character Card - This large tab should cover the appropriate section of your character card completly. The hearts on the right should come right up next to the heart meter, its top should be flush with the top of the rectangle, and likewise with the bottom. The four upgrade tabs on the left, though, should hang off the left hand side completly, and should not be TOUCHED with glue.

1) To the left of the image, you will find either a Speed icon, Armor icons, or the description of your Punch attack. Some characters can upgrade these aspects using appropriate tabs (more on this in the next chapter). You cannot upgrade your speed, Armor, or Punch until you have job associated with its body part.
2) The upgrade tabs are rewards for other players who defeat you while playing. They should hang off the left hand side of your Character Sheet, and should be easy to cut off.
3) Body and Head jobs add extra hearts to your Human piece. Leg jobs, on the other hand, just replace the three hearts you already have. Once you have a Body job, you may begin to put Heart tabs on Character Card, and these allow you to last longer in a fight. Even though Head Jobs have spots for Heart Tabs, you may not USE these hearts until you have a Body Job that is also upgraded. You have to go in order from bottom to top.

Upgrading your Alien - The long Alien tab goes on the back of your Character Sheet. As you add new ones, they should be glued under your existing aliens. Note, though, that you will eventually need to have four aliends on the back of your Character Card, and they should all fit rather snuggly. Don't leave too much of a space.

The new alien has all of the essential characteristics of your Glooplings, and should be easy to read and understand if you have gotten this far. Of special note, though, is the text message at the bottom of this long tab. Many aliens have special game rules. The Smazzerating Flug you see above and to the left, for example, makes human pieces it attacks lose 1 to their attack roll on the following turn. This reflects the giant stunning paws that the alien attacks with. Queens (which come with Head Jobs) have much more complicated abilities. You may need to read them each a few times to make sure you know what you are getting into before you select a Head Job.

In the next (and final) chapter, you will learn about upgrade tabs.