Upgrading Your Character

As you play, your character will become stronger and better focused. This is accomplished in two ways. First, you will get your first, second, and finally third job. The other way is to collect Upgrade Tabs from other players.

Once you have a Job, you will notice four Upgrade Tabs just hanging out over the left side of your character card. These have no value for you. But when other players defeat you in combat, they may pick a tab, chop it off, and glue it onto an upgrade space. The tab will improve the stat it is next to by one. If a statistic has more than one upgrade space to its right, you map place two upgrade tabs and increase its value by two.

I consider it cheating and poor sportsmanship to cut tabs off your own player and place them onto your own cards. I can't stop you, of course, but know that you are lazy, and that no one is obligated to play with you, should they learn of your poor moral character.

That's all there is to it, really. Enjoy, and upgrade before you try to go for that second job. Most tasks are too difficult to accomplish without upgrading.